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Tea Lady Oolong Tea is 100% Certified Organic.

Brewing Tips - Oolong Tea

Use water just below boiling point, about 80 - 90 degrees. This tea is brewed simply by infusing one teaspoon of leaves per cup in a teapot, plunger or in-cup infuser. Let steep for 2 minutes to ensure the best flavour  - strain and serve.

It is suggested that Oolong tea is not left to steep too long (only 2-3 minutes) as it might develop a bitter taste if over steeped. However, experiment to find the timing that you prefer.

Leaves can be re-brewed to make a second or even third pot if desired. These subsequent brewings are often the preferred ones in China!

Note: Small ball-type infusers may not allow sufficient room for tea leaves to expand and result in a brew with less than optimum flavour. 

Oolong Tea is from the same plant as both green and black tea. A unique process results in this semi-oxidised leaf, which is somewhere between green and black tea in both flavour and caffeine levels.

Like green tea, it is extremely high in anti-oxidants. Flavour is clear, fragrant and fresh, without the 'grassy' note sometimes found in green tea.

Our certified organic Oolong Tea is in the traditional style, rolled into long curly leaves. It is easy to see why the name means "Black Dragon Tea"!

Oolong tea is also known as Wu Long tea. It has long been valued in China for its health boosting properties and aid to digestion.

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