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Exceptional roasted dandelion with a liquorice aniseed twist

Tea Brewing Tips:

This tea is brewed simply by infusing one teaspoon per cup with boiling water, in a tea pot, plunger or in-cup infuser. Let steep for 7 to 10 minutes to ensure full flavour - strain and serve.

Longer brewing brings out the liquorice flavours.

Can be served with Milk or Soy as a latte or flat white beverage with the addition of honey or sugar if sweetener is desired.

Liquorice Star can also be brewed using the traditional Chai Tea brewing method. 

About Liquorice Star

A dark strong herb, Roasted Dandelion Root is often referred to as Dandelion Coffee because of its ability to be brewed in a similar fashion, black, with milk or sweetened. This makes it a great caffeine-free alternative and its liver cleansing properties make it an ideal detoxifier.  

Tea Lady's Liquorice Star Tea combines the highest quality Organic Roasted Dandelion Root with sweet Organic Liquorice Root, spicy Aniseed, warm Fennel Seeds and aromatic Star Anise. The subtle undertones give a new dimension to this unique blend making, it not only a great coffee substitute but also an alternative to regular dandelion tea.,

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