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Rosy Tea

Rosy Tea - Velvet spice & woody notes, warm the heart & spirit.

Our founder and Medical Herbalist, Cath Minter, chats about Rosy Tea and the health benefits of this herbal tea.

This tea came about as an excuse to experiment and play with beautiful ingredients!  I became fascinated with the concept of using dried peels and rose petals and what began as an idea soon became a warming, medicinal, aesthetically beautiful tea.

I also needed a tea blend for patients who were heart despondent, low in mood and emotionally challenged.

I had read lots about the Chinese use of Mandarin peel for various conditions, and had used citrus peel in cooking for its colour and flavour, but never before had I used orange peel medicinally. A little bit of reading had left me with a clear picture that I could get both the vitamin rich and essential oil action from extracting the peel’s goodies in hot water, and so the idea for Rosy tea was built around that. Today research has also shown that Orange Peel helps to reduce blood cholesterol, so Rosy Tea is indeed a heart tonic.

To this base I added the Rosehip flesh, primarily for a strong colour and flavour and the distinctive tart edge of rosehips that freshens the palette. Loaded with Vitamin C and bioflavinoids, it is the perfect compliment to the immune boosting power of the orange peel. The delicate flavour and scent of the rose petals ads a dimension of exotic to the blend and we can also enjoy the benefits of rose petals astringent healing properties, making it a great tea to drink for cold and flu infection. In traditional herbal medicine and aromatherapy Rose is renowned for its benefits as a heart tonic and for its soothing and restorative properties against despondency and depression.

The warming Cinnamon addition in this tea acts as a carminative for the stomach, calming indigestion and soothing griping. It also has a long history in Chinese medicine as a female reproductive herb in treating stagnant blood conditions. Symptoms like cold uterine pain, dark clotty mensus, and excessive menstrual bleeding are eased with cinnamon.

Rosy Tea is a woody, earthy heart tonic to cheer you up, soothe your despondent mood and boost your immunity and heart energy with every cup of golden spicy warmth.  

Rosy tea can be enjoyed by everyone.

Check with your health professional before using herbal medicines.

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© Cath Minter Medical Herbalist 2012


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