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Nocturne -Relax with an enchanting blend of blossoms & spice.

Our founder and Medical Herbalist, Cath Minter, chats about Nocturne and the health benefits of chamomile tea with a difference. 

 'Nocturne' was a blend I created in my herbal medicine clinic to help patients wind down at the end of their busy working day, helping them to switch off, relax and prepare their mind and digestion for a restful, full nights sleep. I often prescribed it for restless, fretful children and for their exhausted parents. This tea was responsible for many happy sleepers!

Soothing Chamomile and Lime flowers have been used traditionally in herbal medicine for centuries as relaxants and combined together also act as effective soporifics, or sleep-aids. These two delicious fragrant flower herbal medicines make up a significant amount of the tea blend and carry it with a soft, spicy aroma that on first sip and inhalation calm the mood and deepen the relaxation.

Hops and Lavender combine well with the chamomile/lime flower base to create a deeper soothing effect for the mind. These herbs are traditionally used in herbal medicine to treat anxiety, nervousness, menopausal sleep disturbances and nervous exhaustion. Hops is specifically useful for that busy mind that won’t switch off, processing over and over the days moments or the ‘to-do list’ for tomorrow.

The final top notes in this tea are enhanced with the aromatic Peppermint and Lemon Verbena leaves which calm and sooth stomach and digestive tension, after-meal bloating and prepare the gut for easy nutrient assimilation as you sleep.

Tea Lady Nocturne certified organic tea is blended with superior grade herbs in a balanced precise formula to ensure you experience a perfect nights sleep. Enjoy the benefits of waking refreshed and alert and give your day the very best of yourself.

Nocturne is not suitable for children under 12 months of age, pregnant women or people with allergy to daisy-family (asteraceae) plants. Check with your health professional before using herbal medicines.

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© Cath Minter Medical Herbalist 2012 


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