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Liquorice Star

Liquorice Tea-   Exceptional roasted dandelion with a liquorice aniseed twist. Spicy & sweet.

Our founder and Medical Herbalist Cath Minter chats about Liquorice Star and the health benefits of liquorice tea.

'Liquorice Star' combines the warming aromatic spices of Fennel, Star Anise and Aniseed with sweet Liquorice Root and the earthy tones of Roasted Dandelion Root.

There is no better all-round digestive tonic than this tea with each ingredient supporting the integrity of digestion and the organs of digestion – stomach, liver, gall, pancreas, small intestine and colon.

 Carminative spices of fennel, aniseed and star anise cut through abdominal fermentation and bloating and have a warming, soothing effect on indigestion and dyspepsia. Fennel seed has a particularly strong influence on stimulating pancreatic enzymes and is used in herbal medicine to help regulate blood sugar balance, making this an excellent tea for people who have problems with hypoglycemia or who have been diagnosed as a border-line diet controlled Type 2 Diabetic. 2-3 cups of this tea daily will help to stabilise blood sugar in combination with a low glycaemic index eating plan, regular exercise and specific herbs dispensed by your herbalist to treat insulin resistance. 

Liver function is greatly enhanced with the bitter roasted dandelion root which is the main base of Liquorice Star.  All areas of digestion are stimulated and the high potassium content of the root (higher in the leaf) ensures a comfortable diuretic action. I’m always surprised to read herbal ‘experts’ write that only the dandelion leaf is a diuretic, when for years I have used the root extract and tea to help women with hormonal PMS oedema and consequent weight fluctuations, to support cardiac health and blood pressure and to alleviate the fluid retention seen in lymphatic congestion as a side effect of surgery, breast cancer treatment, immobility and allergy response.

Bitter herbs like dandelion stimulate the entire 'yellow system’ of pancreas, gall bladder and liver and provide a true tonic action in every sense. Tonifying the tissues, stimulating enzymes and improving digestion as a result – this tea is excellent home-care medicine post gallectomy as a means to support the digestion of fats, to improve assimilation of nutrients for Celiac sufferers, for chronic dysbiosis, and can be an important liver support for recovering alcoholics or weekend hangovers and binge eating and drinking.

Liquorice Root is a very special herb for many reasons. Apart from giving the tea a wonderfully earthy sweet flavour, Liquorice Root has well researched anti-inflammatory action due to its Glycyrrhizin ( GL ) content, which is a soothing, healing plant saponin. This makes Liquorice Root an excellent remedy for healing gut ulcers. In one uncontrolled study in 1975, 32 patients with chronic duodenal ulcers were given 3800mgs of GL which produced signs of healing in all cases and total restoration of mucosa in almost all cases. There are countless other trials since, with similar positive results.

The anti-inflammatory action of Liquorice is also useful in the treatment of respiratory tract infections and coughs, where it exhibits a soothing anti-spasmodic effect. It is a common addition to herbal cough formulas for its sweet flavour and soothing action. Recent animal studies (2003) have demonstrated anti-viral effects.

Liquorice has also been used historically as an ‘adrenal tonic’ – used in cases of nervous and metabolic exhaustion. I have used it for 17 years in a clinical setting in supportive care for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and general exhaustion with great results.

More than two cups daily of Liqourice Star long–term, is not suitable for people on hypertensive medication. Liquorice may reduce the effect of potassium medications.

Check with your health professional before using herbal medicines.            

Note: Not suitable in pregnancy given the fennel and aniseed content.

If you would like a copy of the references for this article, please contact The Tea Lady.

 © Cath Minter Medical Herbalist 2012 

Liquorice Star

Liquorice Tea-   can be harmonising, tonifying and complements diestive purification. A great liver tonic.

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