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Green Tea Tonic

Green Tea Tonic - Regenerate with this zesty tonic rich in anti-oxidants

Our founder and Medical Herbalist, Cath Minter, chats about Green Tea Tonic and the health benefits of green tea.

The scent of this tea alone is so wonderfully restorative with the clean top notes of ginger and jasmine flowers combined with the earthy base of the Sencha green tea. This tea was created in an effort to give my patients a rich anti-oxidant brew that tasted good, which could be an alternative to the daily coffee and tea ritual with impressive health benefits. It also has been used in my clinic as a convalescence tea, and as an adjunct cleansing beverage for fasting and liver cleansing.

Green tea is rich in polyphenols, which are plant chemicals that give the tea its chemoprotective, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Recently the antibacterial action of the polyphenols in green tea were found to be active against Helicobacter pylori, a stomach bacteria often found in the stomachs of people with gastritis, gastric ulcers and stomach and duodenal cancer.

 Polyphenols are found in highest amounts in the Japanese green tea variety  ‘Sencha’,   which is the exact variety Tea Lady uses in the Green Tea Tonic blend.

Sencha is a traditional Japanese green tea originally from Kyoto, valued for its sweet earthy taste. Sencha has dark green, tightly rolled needle shaped leaves, which are, in fact the young leaves picked early to produce a blend of sweet and astringent properties. As a result of the delicate state of the young leaves, it can be a difficult tea to brew properly, often resulting in a bitter cup of tea lacking the distinctive clear notes. It is therefore essential, that Green Tea Tonic be brewed for no more than 2 minutes maximum before serving. I always brew it in a small pot so that the tea doesn’t sit in a large pot growing bitter for the second or third cup – always make a fresh pot for yourself and enjoy the sweetness.

I would often prescribe this tea for someone who was recovering from a long illness, who needed a restorative home tonic that they could drink hot or cold. I have many stories of patients surviving their first attempts at returning to a full work day after a period of illness or stress/fatigue - thanks to a thermos of Green Tea Tonic.

I added ginger initially to add another dimension of flavour, but also because it has a good action on the stomach helping to stimulate digestive enzymes and improve overall assimilation of nutrients, it turns the heat back on in the gut, and in that way restores vitality. Ginger also has a warming effect on the circulation and respiratory system and is often put in herbal formulas to clear lung and upper respiratory catarrh.

The delicate aromatics of the Jasmine flower top notes give the tea a fresh edge and the precise quality and amount of each ingredient is balanced in a way that adds a bit of interest and diversity to this blend. It’s fresh take on the green tea theme with all the added health benefits.

Green Tea Tonic is suitable for most people but a small caution for those suffering with gastric ulcers, the ginger can be very warm and stimulating. Try the Liquorice Star instead and enjoy the anti-inflammatory, cooling, mucous membrane soothing effects of Liquorice root.

Check with your health professional before using herbal medicines.

If you would like a copy of the references for this article, please contact The Tea Lady.

© Cath Minter Medical Herbalist 2012 


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