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Chai Tea - Health Benefits of Chai Tea

High Chai - Queen of Chai Tea. Kaffir scented, exotic & delicious.

Our founder and Medical Herbalist, Cath Minter, chats about High Chai and the health benefits of chai tea.

Tea Lady's 'High Chai' has many general health benefits ranging from a potent anti-oxidant to digestive and respiratory tonic effects.

Originating in India, Chai tea comes in a million different varieties and versions depending on the area or culture of a specific region. Traditionally in India, the ingredients in chai tea can even vary from house to house depending upon availability and preference for particular spices.

The key to making good chai, regardless of which spices are used, is HOW you treat the spices. Tea Lady High Chai is particularly active in taste and health benefits due to great attention being given to the freshness and quality of the raw ingredients, which Tea Lady have secured as high grade and certified organic. (There are many grades of spice and plant material on the market – ‘high grade’ is the term given for a quality plant or spice produce.)

Tea Lady High Chai is renowned for its intense aromatic spice base set against high quality certified organic black tea. The spices are milled at the time of blending and then careful ratios of each spice are combined to achieve the final perfect mix, this sublime blend is then quickly packaged to seal in the flavours and aromas ready for your purchase and first delicious cup!

This process of milling and blending from the base whole raw ingredient, is very time consuming and is not a practice most tea companies invest in. It is much cheaper and easier to use dusty pre-powdered spices but this impacts greatly on the final product. I am happy to say that Tea Lady continues the tradition and methods originally set by me in the milling of the spices just before blending and packing to achieve the outstanding flavour. The colours are amazing too, and this was always my favourite tea to blend as I poured the golden fenugreek, black tea, lime green kaffir and terracotta cinnamon together and blended this through with gloved hand, so lush and tactile heaven - it was an absolute festival of colours and scents.

The health benefits of the spices in High Chai are made more bio-available and easier to absorb through the milling and high quality of the raw ingredient.

Fenugreek has a balancing action on blood sugar and is a great tonic for the pancreas. Cinnamon has a warming, carminative action on the stomach, settling bloating and gas and is a fine female reproductive tonic used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Star Anise, Cardamom, Nutmeg and Clove create the perfect soothing digestive combination and have secondary actions in their anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, making High Chai a good tonic for colds and flus. The addition of Ginger as a stimulating digestive tonic, anti-nauseant and cold and flu herb also boosts this tea's health benefits.

High Chai is a unique chai blend bursting with flavour, robust scent and colour.

It is a wonderful tea to drink regularly and is particularly good for soothing digestion after a meal, or as a tonic for cold and flu infection.

Check with your health professional before taking herbal medicines.          

Note: No more than 1 cup daily in pregnancy given the fenugreek content.

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